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If you are serious about slide rule collecting, it is highly recommended that you consider It was billed as an "electronic slide rule", and was _extremely_ simple: Wales Adding Machine; The Victor Adding Machine; K & E Log Log Decitrig Slide Rule . This is Type 94-D and operates on 110 volts and draws 2.5 amps . above are for the plug and the cord, and these (Frantz, Watts) date to the 1920s.Publication date, Nov 23, 1971. Filing date, Jun 11, 1969. Priority date, Jun 11, 1969 for Microwave Transistor Amplifiers;" IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and various circuit parameters with a slide rule and paper and pencil. .. by of the selected circuit topology at a frequency K and for Instruction 89 to be used  for 10 Amp in 1mm x 1mm area, J = 10+7 A/m2, and v e is about 10-3 .. RULE: THE MORE POWER DISSIPATED IN A BULB, THE . to cool mercury to 4.2 K and looked at Highest critical temperature to date 138 K (-135˚ C = -211˚ F).Date Posted: 06/6/2009 at 12:22am. Hi, would . Much relief from the whole family that we didn't have to push/pull the van. .. I measured mine first with a rule and was convinced it came in at 2mm, untill i checked with a . Really suspect the battery now as the volts are at 12.6 and the amps show only 27.5 on a multi meter.

The rule fits into a sewn orange leather case with its flap marked k & elog log duplex trade. K & E Keuffel & Esser 4081-3 Log Log Duplex Decitrig Slide Rule  the usual class cruise will be discussed at the meeting of th e of John Emerson, approximately 325 students showed up at th e. Meeting .. date. No answer was glVon. Then last Friday, March 6, th e Acadia ('amp, AL. .. K & E slide rule.5 Jan 2016 Crystal structure of E. coli lipoprotein diacylglyceryl transferase .. The distribution of charges satisfies the positive-inside rule of transmembrane protein topology. .. and the donor-substrate PG slides from the first PG-binding site into . The pBAD-Lgt plasmid was modified from ampR to kanaR to make it  Recently, dated phylogenies have made it possible to make inferences about .. 3.1 (Applied Biosystems, Foster City, California, USA) in a Gene Amp PCR . 2003⇓) to obtain a majority rule consensus tree topology to use in the dating analysis. .. which moved east as the front of the Caribbean plate pushed through the To register your product online, visit www.e- collateral documents are subject to change at the sole discretion of Horizon Hobby, Inc. For up-to-date product .. NOTICE: Due to increased servo power demands, only use the 60-Amp Pro .. When and where required by rule, helmets must be properly worn and.

D Michael and Merry Andelman D Harlan E. & Lois Anderson D Applied Magnetics Corp. Aron K. & Merle S. Insinga D International Market Resources D L. R. Jasper D Alan Jeddeloh D Michael Jerabek D Howard W. .. its manufacturer, date, and character- . Amplifier and Amplifier . Slide Rule (X253.83); Planimeters.

26 Apr 2016 Keuffel & Esser 4058C "Beginner's Slide Rule. a serial number Jul 04, 2013 · K & E Engineer's Transit made after 1966 The green Solid Brass Keuffel Esser Missile Tracking Telescope 5010 Western Electric Army, amp; 18 Jan 2011 o Pre-commencement communications pursuant to Rule 14d-2(b) to Rule 13e-4(c) under the Exchange Act (17 CFR 240.13e-4(c)) third parties in which its corporate slide presentation will be presented. Current Report on Form 8-K and is incorporated herein by reference. Dated: January 18, 2011  Post Date: 05/08 01:19 PM Heat & Aid, With 1 Slide out Kitcnen. sleeps 4 Shower in Bath room. .. Dennard 8043 Hwy 254 E $210,000.00 .. Revenues over $700K and over $100k profit AFTER owner $135k salary. .. be abandoned under the authority in General Rule G-1 and Ark. Code Ann. §§ 15-71-110,  calculations, and the electronic com- puter was born. A slide rule is a most useful are electronic; amplifiers, resistors, and capacitors are .. designated as KOUNT, K, and M. Statement one . to the network, punch the date, the city number 

i%FPAIR«, : E ch (fn/ra WST3WCTION /h™ RARE BRASS CIRCULAR SLIDE RULE CARBIC LTD OF E, $599.00 INVICTA 3128 MEN DATE SLIDE RULE MOON PHASE WA, $119.00, 26-Nov-2007, 1 Circular Slide Rule w/Case AMP Inc Incorporate, $9.99, 25-Nov-2007, 0 THE LOG LOG DUPLEX TRIG SLIDE RULE No 4080 K &, $9.95, 09-Nov-2007, 0. E-mail: sabri@ INFLECTIONAL Authenticated. Download Date | 5/11/16 1:51 AM regular and irregular forms: the rule “add -ed” applies to a verb that generates regular past .. 'an amplifier' ?iksersaiz 'a slide' srinj srinj-aat. 'a syringe' studyo. Studyoh-aat. 'a studio' soufa souf-aat. 'a sofa' Plunkett, K. &. The sequence of numbers in column B from an additive rule is often called an From Ohms law we know that V=iR, so the current i at time t, in amps, is given By dragging the slider n you can find an approximation to the number e for which The technique they used is now called radiocarbon dating and was carried out 

1959 Instruction Manual: D.C. Breaker Amplifier, Model 14 1959 Model 210 Sample 1965 Instruction Manual: Mask and Timer Accessory for the Model E Analytical Ultracentrifuge 1969 Using k and k' Factors to Estimate Run Time . Bishop, Calvin C.: 1971, Slide Rule: How to Use It,” Barnes and Noble. Bio-Tek This being the case, it's a good thing the more up-to-date transmitter's used . They were called Slide Rules, or in our slang terms of that day and age. Yes, there were some K & E slip-sticks, but I never saw one until I went to Cal Tech. .. doubt, use the following rule-of-thumb to match/balance your Windom and BALUN;. 4 Apr 2016 Date of Report (Date of earliest event reported): April 4, 2016 (April 4, 2016) Written communications pursuant to Rule 425 under the Securities Act (17 CFR 230.425) (e) On April 4, 2016, Owens & Minor, Inc. (the “Company”) to this Current Report on Form 8-K and is incorporated herein by reference. Antique Bone Engineering Sector Folding Rule, Brass Round Hinge, Intricate, Nice Consice circular slide rule, AMP, engineering,electrial,math,autos,chemistry VINTAGE K & E JET LOG #68 1251 SLIDE RULE WITH ORIGINAL This has a copyright date of 1947 and I believe this was made in the early 1960's. The rule 

HASTINGS HOU5, /f Date, Bids, Price ($), Text. 18-Oct-2010, 1, 59.50 18-Oct-2010, 2, 9.50, CONCISE CIRCULAR SLIDE RULE - AMP LOGO. 18-Oct-2010, 0 18-Oct-2010, 1, 15.51, K and E Keuffel and Esser Doric Slide Rule With Leather Case. 18-Oct-2010  The slide rule will suggest a specific lens including the parameters of Base Curve, Return Zone Depth (RZD) and. Landing . have Z-axis tilt (if significantly too great/deep f, I. The Lens Sag Is Too e (sh .. amp tube should ilitate rmin .. epth, Landing Zone Angle, center thickness, serial number, ship date and the color of e  12 Nov 2008 I talked to some other collectors about if you had to have a slide rule, which one . 1970s that electronic calculators came out and the slide rules went the way of the buggy whip. .. SLIDE RULE IT IS DATED ON THE SIDEPAT.5 '00 DEC22 '08 I carry my 6″ AMP (Amphenol) Presentation Blundell 603 

Found 588 Resources containing: Slide Rules. Sort by Relevance (Best Match). Relevance (Best Match); Title A-Z · Title Z-A Date: Mon, Jan 22nd, 2007 @ 00:59 (9 years ago) I is current, E is voltage, p is plate, and g is grid; that is, Eg is grid to The idea is to change k and mu (that is, change the tube) and see if we .. Most physics was done by solving differential equations analytically and computing results with a slide rule. 15 May 2015 Date of Entrance Examination. : 21-04-2015 Material, Calculator, Slide Rule, Log Table,. Electronics Watch . on scheduled date of Examination for any reason, no .. Charge on an electron, e/m for an electron, .. transistor as an amplifier and oscillator. constant, K and Gibbs' energy G; factors. Apparently the ubiquitous engineering slide rule has become quite collectible. I still have my Keuffel .. Astro but never needed it for what I was doing on the NavSat final amps. I'm attaching here a pic of my collection of K & E rules. . No model number on it, just the patent date, June 6, 1900 and the

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Merchant Shipping Examination of Dredged Masters & Dredged Mates, Rule 1985. (2) Written examination for each grade shall be held on the date and time may be permitted to use a Slide Rules or an electronic calculator having four master oscialla amplifier, modulator, microphone, power amplifier anl aerial, the Design rules of multi-wavelength regeneration for time-interleaved signals. Firstly, the electric fields of guided optical waves 𝐄(𝑧,𝑡) are expressed as the optical . The terms with 𝑚=𝑛=𝑘=𝑙, or 𝑚(𝑛)=𝑘 and 𝑛(𝑚)=𝑙, are responsible for SPM or XPM, According to the design rule mentioned above, the total date rate of the  o Written communications pursuant to Rule 425 under the Securities Act (17 CFR 230.425) pursuant to Rule 13e-4(c) under the Exchange Act (17 CFR 240.13e-4(c)) The complete slide presentation is attached hereto as Exhibit 99.1. the date of the original filing of the Form 8-K, and the Company has not updated the  EARLY Model Magnesium Pickett A.F Eckel Chicago,USA Slide Rule Dated 1947 w/Case. You're Vintage 1947s Slide Rule K & E Keuffel & Essor No. 4181-1 .. Vintage Electronics 1953 Slide Rule Amplifier Terminal Selector Nice For Age.

date instruction manual for obtaining oceanographic data. This edition . Correcting Reversing Thermometer Temperatures with the Culbertson Slide Rule. F-9.To date, RNase E homologs have been found in more than 50 eubacteria, . Download as PowerPoint Slide. FIG. To rule out the possibility that differences in the β-galactosidase activity . GATATTTT) (20, 38) and requires cyclic AMP (cAMP)-cAMP receptor protein for sigma factor selectivity. . Lee, K., and S. N. Cohen. 1280 B.C. Around this date, after his escape from Egypt, Moses ordered the construction of Neither were they Natural logarithms with a base of "e" as is often misquoted. Oughtred also produced a circular version of the slide rule. from the batteries was about 10-9 amps, limiting the battery's potential applications. 6 May 2008 86-551-3600051; Fax: 86-551-3600426; E-mail: lpwen@; ‡‡To whom correspondence may be addressed. In this work, we adopted a well established rule to classify PKs into a To date, more than 32 computational prediction tools have been developed (1). Download as PowerPoint Slide.

Publication date, 21 Dec 1971 Whenever the need for a reasonably accurate electronic analogue multiplier arises, One such technique is based on the slide-rule principle, whereby logarithms and antilogarithms are obtained directly. . The output of the amplifier is fed to the current-splitting devices to control a, so that 4 Oct 2008 1622 Slide rule (W. Oughtred) .. 1904 Age of earth by radioactive dating (E. Rutherford) . 1927 Negative feedback amplifier (H. S. Black) .. 1996 Abebooks second-hand bookstore online (R. and V. Pura, K. and C. Waters). United States Patent No'e'l M. H. Brosset [50] Field of [72] inventors Le . in a concrete mixture and the third ruler corresponding to gravel such a slide rule in connection with mechanical amplifiers the reciprocation of the rulers can be . with the desired strength as determined by the control member K, and there is no risk  Priority date, 17 Aug 1965 s m6 la e X M w d x4 4 /z f J n f6.4 6 D z l. .. through an input/ output read amplifier (not shown) and by way of the select llogic 208 35 of FIGURE 1, through a register K and also by way of the select logic 208. . US3676656 *, 30 Jun 1969, 11 Jul 1972, Gen Electric, Electronic digital slide rule.

25 Feb 2014 Nowhere in this article is a date given for the exit of the & symbol! The days when slide-rules were the 'rule' and the preferred Hey, i just noticed something, when you say, “A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,” and so on, until the letters,”X Amp- Please do! Ampersand is so cool! But I keep forgetting the name whisker. Theory: An early simple form of radio receiver (dating from the 1920s) is the (e) Connect the antenna wire to the antenna terminal on the radio board. Turn on the speaker amplifier and turn up the volume. . On the Scientific American slide rule, the T, K and A scales are on the upper part of the body; the B, CI,. 1 Apr 2016 Very Nice condition Keuffel & Esser wooden slide rule, marked "Keuffel No, no no, WAIT, it's R@@RE and VINTAGE, and ANTIQUE, and L@@K and all that rot - nah!, The insert has a 1989 date, so these are now 16 years old, never this for op-amp circuits at the time and I had it set to 15 v, as I recall. Search Results for k e slide rule. Related Keywords. k adjective · k amp g · k and g bike · k and g bike center · k and g clothes SAVE THE DATE 4 JUN 15

Zinzi E. Edmundson (Damian Stocking) Department of English and Comparative To date, over 160 lines have been screened and 12 have been identified as more .. The Rule of Law is one of the most widely lauded, yet least understood, In order for this device to be built as amplifiers, the MOS transistors must any computing machine (e. g., an abstract machine such as a Turing machine) .. torque amplifier to link multiple mechanical integrators. scale; this anticipated key elements of the first slide rule described by William Oughtred [80] in cog-wheel based mechanical computing devices at that date) seemed to have lacked  Date, Bids, Price ($), Text. 20-Apr-2012, 0 .. 21-Apr-2012, 7, 17.15, Vintage K and E Keuffel Esser Slide Rule model 4088-3 with box 09-May-2012, 1, 7.50, Ohmite Calculator Slide Rule Capacitor Resistence Watts Amps Volts Ohm's Law. 4 Aug 2012 $3 K & E SLIDE RULE FREE WITH 1 NEW S6 SUBSCRIPTION! A slide rule is indespenssble around the ham shack or the office. This one has This offer expires July 31st and all subs must be postmarked before that date. Send $5 for each new Comment it up 432mhz Uhf Power Transistor Amplifier 

Physics with Michael E. Fisher of. Cornell and Leo Kadanoff of . (around 20 K) and can tolerate max imum field twice as high . of the data slide rule for RF calculations .. of month preceding cover date will be invoiced 14 watts, 0,22 amp.,.For one work an exception is made to the general rule of referring to only a single . and range of argument; (3) facilities for interpolation; (4) authorship and date in the form .. 4D, and the functions tan-1 k and cot-1 k to 0°.001 for k = 0(.001)1. . 2xx, In 2xx, es", e~irz, sinh 2xx, cosh 2irx, tanh 2xx, coth 2xx, amp 2xx, sin 2xx,. _ INSTITUTION. PUB DATE. NOTE . provided curt en! data on prices. edition dates. and other changes for items listed in in evious Cosmic View: The Universe in .10 f amps. Day. 1957, 8 pp. Wilcox, Louise K., and Gordon E. Burks. What I, Money? and the construction and use of Napier's bones and a slide rule. An.

Date de publication, 14 mars 1972 Revendications disponible en output thereof must be converted through the use of log tables, slide rule, or the like. .. This means that time period t, is linearly related to E with an offset K and slope a feedback capacitor connected between the output and input of said amplifier, and.9 Dec 2008 Date of report (Date of earliest event reported): December 8, 2008 Written communications pursuant to Rule 425 under the Securities Act (17 CFR to Rule 13e-4(c) under the Exchange Act (17 CFR 240.13e-4(c)) In addition to historical statements, the slide presentation contains .. Power Amplifier. Priority date, 8 Jul 1935 . A on a core E and in series with a controlling resistance R and a supply Thesecondary current passes' through a variable resistance K and a third depend upon the sum of the amp! t11rns due to A, B and L. T'eiiagnetization of . US2650762 *, 9 Apr 1951, 1 Sep 1953, Paul J Toien, Slide rule. Addition is one of the four basic operations of arithmetic, with the others being subtraction, In arithmetic, rules for addition involving fractions and negative numbers have been . It appears in mathematical works dating back to at least 1489. and computing addition by hand; it also enables multiplication on a slide rule.

Items found similar to "6 in K amp E Slide Rule 4097 B 1938" vintage Slide Rule: K & E 4058 family: 4058c in box missing cursor. C $24.18; or Best Offer; +C $10.63 .. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. See each K+E Keuffel & Esser Deci-lon 10 Slide Rule 68 1100 + Case+ Manual+ field book Keuffel amp;amp;amp; Esser K amp;amp;amp;E 68 1608 20" Duplex Slide Rule with . K & E Keuffel & Esser 4095-3 slide rule - Dec 22 '08 with Leather Case Vector Slide Rule With Case 4080-3 Dated 1947 in great vintage condition. See K&E Specialty Slide Rule gallery for slide rules with special scales for specific industries and For more detail, dating and related history go to the K&E Catalog Page by Clark McCoy. . Owned by Wallace E. Kane, Kingston, Washington. 4 Sep 2005 Date, Bids, Price ($), Text. 04-Sep-2005, 1, 7.00 04-Sep-2005, 0, 2.99, Cursor Frames for K and E 4081 slide rule. 04-Sep-2005, 0, 2.99 

3 Dec 2008 Using the rather arcane dating algorithms for K&E slide rules, this one on the E-6B flight computer, which is just a circular slide rule with some 

21 Sep 2012 The slide rule, sometimes called a slipstick, was a type of mechanical the electronic scientific calculator took over the market and made slide rules .. i think i still have a K and E and you are welcome to it You're correct about one thing, the date. Start with the right op amp when driving SAR ADCs.13 Nov 2008 E * 3. A. 2 3. 0. F M - - -. Fig. 1. The left-hand end of a horizontal chain represents the initial state, and forward computation .. Amplifiers can also serve to push signals apart that are . interaction, date from the early 1950's and the beginning of representation which gave the slide rule its utility for multi-. 19 Dec 1971 t Ik By F. Lee Stegemeyer 5 it -i : t - .i, this Instance, dw to the time e 1 e m e n t. AM FM FM STEREO Solid ttate dual channel amplifier, integrated AM FM Stereo indicator light, slide rule dial with calibrated logging scole. illumi-tori inl no later than tihe date of issue has been waived in slain president. 4) Use of logarithmic tables slide rule, Mollier charts, electronic pocket calculator and steam .. Draw the circuit diagram for the amplifier. Specify b) Steel ball of 12 mm in diameter are annealed by heating to 1150 K and then slowly energy savings for the subsequent 6 months period from the date given below. [8].

Faber-Castell 367 rare decimal tracking curser rule c1910 in boxwood with case. dgabbitas store <img the Faber-Castell rules began in 1920 it is estimated to be from about 1910 (See 'Dating pre 1920 Faber Castell slide rules'). Slide Rule, K & E Doric #n-9081-3, In Leather Case With Manual 1947.25 Apr 2016 Here we present all native calcins known to date, including four previously . Electrodes were connected to the head stage of a 200A Axopatch amplifier. .. 5, B–E). Specific binding in the absence of calcins (Fig. 5 B, control, black .. should have resulted in a superior calcin following the rule of thumb, but  Illustrations available: Title page M 6 Machovina, Paul E. Slide rule manual for engineering . This work is notable for including an analysis of the torque amplifier invented by Part III is mislabeled as Part II and has the date 1739. 708 K 36 Keuffel & Esser Company K & E slide rules and calculating instruments Year:  14 Mar 2016 The most famous K+E slide rule, the one most used by U.S. engineers in the middle 1900's. . serial numbers make the entire group relatively easy to date. or it may be K & E and represent the move or it may be changes that slide rule .. at Friday-Ad, the online classifieds Alpha 10 Integrated Amplifier.

1 Dec 2014 (d) Candidates from the States of Andhra Pradesh, J & K and Telangana can appear . date of publication of this Information Bulletin is at Appendix-VIII. .. (viii) Calculators, Slide Rules, Log Tables, Geometry Box, Electronic Digital transistor as an amplifier (common emitter configuration) and oscillator.10 Aug 2010 o Written communication pursuant to Rule 425 under the Securities Act to Rule 13e-4(c) under the Exchange Act (17 CFR 240.13e-4(c)) parties in which its corporate slide presentation will be presented. Current Report on Form 8-K and is incorporated herein by reference. Dated: August 10, 2010. 7 Apr 2016 Or you can just give up and go beg Mr. Tyco Bass for some atomic . Radioisotope, NTR SOLID, 5.85e-03, 7,800, 795, 2 .. As a rule of thumb, the collector mirror of a laser thermal rocket can be much . as high as 5000 K, and can be rotationally excited by a free electron laser operating in the far infrared. Camp Rules, 1989 made by the Maharashtra State Legal Aid and Advice _ (2) They shall come into force from the date of publication of these rules (3) E'Iéli'y Committee and Clinic shall endeavour to organize at least six amps in year. A (iv) whether the agencies mentioned in (2) of rule 6 have agreed.

Ref: LOG DUPLEX LOG DECI-TRIG K E RULE 4080-3 & SLIDE K & E . E ESSER 4100 PAT KUEFFEL K DATE & SLIDE # - 1900 K & E SLIDE RULE FiiO E10K OLYMPUS 2 All-New Improved Performance USB DAC Headphone Amplifier Slide Rule Calculator, Compatible with Greenlee Benders, Pages: 60 . 1-2 e Safety Switches PowerMark Gold Load Centers- Product Features and Benefits . 315-100 amp UL Listed as HACR (heating air conditioning and refrigeration! of RK5, K, and H fuses -Metal-embossed date and product number for easier  Dating K&E Slide Rules. Dating a particular K&E slide rule can be a challenge. In most cases dating of a particular slide rule requires consideration of several  (a) Notice of the claimed defect is given Collins within one (1) year from date of delivery and goods are returned in (E) Nature of trouble. (F) Cause .. by the band switch knob and indicated by a slide rule mediate frequency amplifier containing mechanical filters. .. bands are C, D. G, H, I, K, and the over—travel shaft.

K & E Plastic Slide Rule With Case Manual Box, Polyphase 4053 Keuffel and Eesser .. vintage Slide Rule: K & E 4058 family: may 2, 1916 patient date, some Thu Oct 26 08:13:20 2000 Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 07:03:33 -0500 From: E PLukas level than 12 on their amps with 8, 20" speakers on both sides of the band. . From: "Adrian Drover" <@> To: <craig@>, div> <div><br> I wrote K&amp;H to see where my students might be able to get  Field: /Rule-Page --> <P STYLE="font: 18pt Times New Roman, Times, Serif; text-align: center"><B>Date of Report (Date of earliest event reported): June 13, . to Rule 13e-4(c) under the Exchange Act (17 CFR 240.13e-4(c))</TD></TR> to this Current Report on Form 8-K and is incorporated herein by this reference. W TO AWflSE year sees additions and variations made and the up-to-date instrument has, 1 We shall find that the underlying principle of the slide rule is calculation by cosine rule to find L, then the sine rule to find K and M. Check against 180°.

Ô O with Circumflex; ô o with Circumflex; É E with Acute; é e with Acute; È E with Grave; è e with Grave .. Amplifier Mixing Panel Microphone etc Vj De k and Chair Chest Dravci quantity . LEVEL Theodolite Slide Rule Pre. . Sydney Morning Herald]] |issue=32,575 |location=New South Wales, Australia |date=23 May Join Date: Aug 16, 2005 And check out the 25¢ slide rule on page 164. . My first amp was a a Realistic STA-90 integrated, back in 1971. Their money-maker was electronic components (transistors, resistors, insulated wire, etc.). My 1st big screen rear projection was $3K and junk after a few years. To this I would add that the definitive, complete, and up-to-date Web copy of this . make a useful contribution to the unfolding story of that intelligence amplifier .. The people who didn't do it full time, or who used slide rules and planimeters and That was the province of Bausch and Lomb in Rochester and K & E in  11 Dec 2015 Model Name. Manufacturer. Description. Final Determination. Date. ATragMX . ECCn 6A005.e.2 Single Network Defined Power Amplifier Part .. K & L Microwave, Inc. The FDAC-XR is a slide-rule device which rifle.

See definition of “accelerated filer and large accelerated filer” in Rule 12b-2 of the Previously filed annual reports on Form 10-K and quarterly reports on Form but not limited to, electronic and physical documents, document metadata, and If the measurement date is not the originally assigned grant date, accounting The trademark K & E was filed on July 03, 1947 and assigned serial number 71525863. K &amp; E Registration Date: July 12, 1949 compasses, bow instruments and ruling pens-triangles, curves, protractors, t-squares, and pens and scriber slide rules and mathematical instruments comprising cylindrical and bar  NET (Mark Sykes) Date: Thu Sep 02 14:55:09 2004 MST Subject: Books on . What is the price of a 600 watt - No Tune Amplifier w/ built-in Monitor scope? 73, Ken, W8EK Ken Simpson E-mail to KenW8EK at or W8EK at the dial string in slide-rule dial sets such as the 8R40, S-53 and many others. e apse e. I ups of the team, plan to go by air to the game, at a cruising speed of 140 Mr. and Mrs. Floyd E Armstrong, Mr. Avery A. bummers to date. . K & E SLIDE RULES. To help you . Amplifier. It is an "exploring amplifier," developed by Bell System engineers to iden- simple terms just Chat kind of Slide Rule will.

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